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Whirlwind 6 weeks!

WOW! The last 6 weeks has flown by! Although my shop was closed for 2 weeks, I had no down time. I took everything out and completely redecorated, from floor to ceiling. The new rug and light colors provide a lovely, light and airy backdrop for the hundreds of other colors displayed inside.

Craftgarden Beads, Simsbury CT
Craftgarden Beads, Simsbury CT

New classes are well underway, and new students have joined the Creative Beady Buddies group. I have had a marvelous (if too-short) visit with my super creative designer friend from Florida, celebrated my daughter’s birthday in NYC, and finally have begun to settle back down into a “normal” routine.

The class I am teaching now is a netted design; a 5 year old pattern. It’s a great refresher for some, and a great introduction for others, using virtually all seed beads. In a couple of weeks we will work on a slightly more advanced netted project with a staggered edge and spectacular crystal drops.

Elegant Choker

If you are in the area and would like to visit the shop, or are interested in a private class, be sure to let me know!

For now, Bead Happy, Judi