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Closed… for now

Like so many other nonessential businesses I have shuttered my doors for now. I am accustomed to seeing my Creative Beady Buddies as much as 4 times a week – this will be a HUGE adjustment!

I am currently working on a system to allow us to gather electronically; I hope that will help us all feel less lonely and isolated.

Reach out to someone today; send a text message; make a phone call; send a gchat or email. Don’t go visit in person, but make sure to be in touch with at least one person today. Do it again tomorrow. And again the next day.

This is a great time to learn a new skill, clean out your closets, or rearrange your cabinets. Don’t feel like it? I don’t either today – but maybe tomorrow! Remember, stay distant, stay healthy and Bead Happy. – Judi