Peanut Beads (2×4) Assortment #2


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Beautiful Matsuno 2×4 Peanut Beads.  Sometimes called “farfalle” or “butterfly” these spectacular beads nestle together snugly to create a beautifully textured effect.  Approximately 27 beads per gram. These beads have become more difficult to find; grab these huge assortments at ridiculously low prices while they last.  

This assortment includes:

  • 29 gms Galvanized Silver (470)
  • 29 gms Galvanized Gold (471)
  • 29gms Russet Swirl (904)
  • 29 gms Metallic Dk Olive Drab (459E)
  • 29 gms Metallic Bronze (459F)
  • 29 gms Hematite (451)


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