Long Magatamas (LMA)



Miyuki long magatama (or LMA) beads are very unusual with a beveled shape.  They are cut on an angle back to front, which gives them their pointed, somewhat slanted appearance.  With a hole near the top much like drop beads, their beveled cut makes them look almost like leafy thorns or flower petals.  Worked together in clusters, they can have the appearance of pine cones, dragon scales, spikes or trees.  Depending upon whether you work them all in one direction or in varying directions will drastically impact the effect you achieve.  

LMA beads are superb in Kumihimo braiding, fringe, embellishment, or leather wrap bracelets.  LMA beads measure 4×7 mm with a hole of 1.4mm

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Black, Cobalt Lined Sapphire AB, Cream Ceylon, Dk Pink Lined Amber, Duracoat Galvanized Gold, Fuschia Lined Smoky Amethyst AB, Galvanized Gold, Galvanized Silver, Garnet Lined Lt Topaz AB, Gunmetal, Lt Topaz, Matte Black, Matte Chartreuse AB, Matte Crystal AB, Matte Green AB, Matte Gunmetal, Matte Gunmetal AB, Matte Lt Topaz AB, Matte Metallic Dk Olive Iris, Matte Metallic Khaki Iris, Matte Metallic Patina Iris, Matte Metallic Silver Gray, Matte Nickel Plated, Matte Red-Orange AB, Matte Seaglass, Matte Trans Amethyst, Matte Trans Amethyst AB, Matte Trans Aqua, Matte Trans Aqua AB, Matte Trans Dk Topaz, Matte Trans Dk Topaz AB, Matte Trans Green, Matte Trans Lt Peach, Matte Trans Lt Sapphire, Matte Trans Orange AB, Matte Trans Red, Matte Trans Sapphire, Matte Trans Sapphire AB, Matte White, Metallic Brown Iris, Metallic Dk Blue Iris, Metallic Dk Bronze, Metallic Dk Plum Iris, Metallic Dk Raspberry Iris, Metallic Purple Gold Iris, Noir Lined Aqua AB, Opaque Red Garnet Picasso, Opaque Salmon, Opaque Turquoise Blue Picasso, Pink Lined Crystal AB, S/L Chartreuse, S/L Crystal, S/L Gold, S/L Green, S/L Red Flame, Trans Aqua AB, Trans Red AB, Trans Rose Frosted, Trans Sapphire, Trans Yellow AB, Violet Gold Luster, White


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