Czech Glass Pressed/Table Cut Flowers



Czech Glass Pressed Glass or Table Cut Flowers

Czech glass beads are made from pressed, fire-polished glass. Artisans create these beads by taking heated glass and pressing it into a mold. The glass, since it is so hot, takes the shape of the mold. Once cooled, the bead can then be faceted into its finished shape.

Table cut beads are cut on special grindstone so that they are flat on both sides.

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Pressed Flowers

11mm Discs, 14mm Jonquil with Mercury Dahlia, Button Flowers – Baby Blue Fuchsia, Button Flowers – Champagne, Button Flowers – Copper & Bronze, Daisy Flowers – Avocado & Gold, Daisy Flowers – Black & Gold, Lilies, Lilies2, Maple Leaves, Table Cut Daisy Assortment


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