8/o Miyuki Triangle Bead Assortment #2


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Magnificent Miyuki Japanese Glass Triangle Beads.  Use for peyote, embellishment, embroidery, Kumihimo or whatever else you can dream up!

Spectacular 14-tube color assortment.  Approximately 24 grams per tube.  This assortment includes one tube each:

  • Lined Amethyst with Rose
  • Dark Fuchsia Lined Amber
  • Apricot Lined Crystal
  • Matte Topaz (20 gm)
  • Sparkling Topaz Lined Lemon
  • Iris Grey
  • Sparkling Blue Lined Crystal
  • Lined Blue with Purple
  • Sparkling Purple Lined Crystal
  • Sparkle Peony Pink Lined Crystal
  • Color Lined Lavender
  • Sparkle Cranberry Lined Crystal
  • Lined Cranberry
  • Sparkle Rose Lined Crystal


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