10/o Twisted Hex Cut Assortment #4 – Assorted

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Six sided size 10/o Miyuki Seed beads, with a slight twist.  Use for peyote or embellishment to create interesting designs. Beads measure 2.2mm x 2.2mm with a hole size of .9mm

This assortment includes:

  • 12 gms Black
  • 12 gms S/L Dark Gold
  • 12 gms Transparent Dk Topaz
  • 12 gms Transparent Ruby
  • 12 gms Transparent Olive
  • 12 gms Metallic Dark Blue Iris
  • 12 gms Metallic Dark Plum
  • 12 gms Garnet Lined Ruby AB
  • 12 gms Transparent Smoky Amethyst
  • 12 gms Transparent Cobalt
  • 12 gms S/L Crystal
  • 12 gms Gilt Lined Opal


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