Judi’s Building Block Cowl

A great beginner crochet pattern, this mobius cowl is quick and easy to make, and can be done with Judi's Building Block Cowlalmost any yarn!  Made with a lightweight cotton or bamboo, this would even be perfect for the warmer months!  Make it short, or modify and make it long, you will surely want lots to wear any time of year! Here’s the link to download the PDF version this simple and pattern…enjoy!

Judi’s Building Block Cowl


4 thoughts on “Judi’s Building Block Cowl

  1. I cannot seem to be able to get this pattern to come up

    1. Cheryl, I’m not sure why, the link seems to be fine…it is a PDF available when you click on it…please try again. Thanks for your interest, Judi

  2. Sorry, I found it!
    THANK You so much!!!

    1. Glad you did! Enjoy!

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