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I am convinced that everyone is creative; sometimes you just have to search to discover your inner creativity. Perhaps you enjoy cooking or painting or even arranging clothes in a closet. Whatever you do, I hope you will attempt to recognize the creative side of it! I get tremendous joy by taking piles of beads, a ball of yarn, a piece of wire or a bolt of cloth and turning it into something fun, beautiful, and unexpected.

I have had the great fortune of owning a bead shop for 8 years, and getting to know the most amazing group of women ever to come together – my Creative Beady Buddies.  The current Covid-19 pandemic is forcing me to close that shop; take advantage of some fantastic bargains on beads, tools, findings and more.  Some of these items are no  longer produced; there are colors no longer made, and bargains you are not likely to find again. 

Check it out for yourself,  and find the creativity in your day! – Bead happy, Judi

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