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Neglected Web Site; LOTS of Projects!

Anyone who checks my web site might well think I no longer  create any beadwork; I certainly would not be able to fault them!  In fact, I have just been so busy with so many projects that I have neglected this poor site.  My apologies!  I shall attempt to add some new pictures, and over the next few months attempt to update more regularly.

For now, rest assured that I am still here, my shop is  still open, and I am still creating new things every day!

I had a blast designing and beading this Odd Count Pendant in the last couple of weeks; now I am deciding how to attach a beaded chain- hope to share the completed work soon. In the meantime, Bead Happy! Judi

4 thoughts on “Neglected Web Site; LOTS of Projects!

  1. welcome back!!!xxxxx

    1. thank you! xoxo

  2. welcome back!!!xxxxx

    1. thank you! xoxo

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